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Property Inspections on your Schedule!

At Provest Realty & Property Management we know your time is valuable. For this reason, we allow our residents to select a date and time within a 30 day window to self schedule the required Interior Safety Inspection to minimize the inconvenience to you.



Why is there a required inspection?

The inspection is to check on the proper function of the safety items in the home, such as the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors, ensuring the water heater is properly strapped for earthquake preparedness, and to check for signs of leaks or water damage from plumbing pipes and fixtures. Additionally, local Cities, Towns, and Insurance companies are increasingly requiring photographic documentation of the properties on an annual basis to ensure the safety of all occupants of rental properties.

Note: Failure to self schedule an inspection may result in a Notice of Entry to be served, and lease renewals are not offered to residents that have not had an inspection completed.

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