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Talk to us about saving time and money with Provest Realty's property management services:

Why Choose Provest Realty & Property Management?

At Provest Realty & Property Management we understand each owner is different, our goal is to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Experience Provest Realty’s Broker, Todd Dusenberry, has over 25 years’ experience and our management team has a combined 50 years + as licensed Real Estate Agents, Realtors and Brokers.

Longevity Provest Realty’s Property Management Division celebrated its 10-year anniversary on February 5th, 2022.

High Desert Area SpecialistsProvest Realty & Property Management has 2 High Desert offices. Our main office is company owned and is located at 14311 Main St Hesperia, CA 92345. Our 2nd office is located at 17993 CA-18, Apple Valley, CA 92307. We have 10 full time associates so you can rest assured we can always get to, and service your properties, in a fast and efficient manner.

Strategically Located Provest Realty & Property Management only manages in High Desert Communities and will not take accounts outside a 25-mile Radius from our 2 High Desert offices, so that we can always provide Top-Notch service that our clients deserve.

Latest TechnologyProvest Realty & Property Management is not tied to older, property management operating systems. This allows us to leverage the newest online technology to better serve you and the residents of the properties we manage.

Fast & Efficient CommunicationUsing our experience and the latest technology, we can anticipate and answer most questions for our tenants, applicants, future renters, and our landlords before they have to ask. But, when a call is needed or an email is received, we respond rapidly, typically within 30 minutes or less. And we do not go home until all messages have been replied to.

Fully Licensed & Insured Provest Realty & Property Management and its Broker are in good standing and are fully Licensed with the Department of Real Estate. And we always maintain both General Liability Insurance, as well as E&O Insurance (Errors & Omissions), at all times.

A good property management company will pay for itself when it comes to collecting rents, proper maintenance / repair decisions, filling vacancies in a timely manner, and most importantly, selecting great tenants for your investment property.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

No upfront fees!

Standard Plan
6% per month

($69.00 multifamily minimum)
$ 99 Per Month Minimum (SFR)
  • 50% of the first month's rent - Leasing Fee
  • $99.00 Rental / Lease Agreement Renewals
  • Bill Pay - Included
  • 1 x Annual Interior Safety Inspection
  • Bi-Annual Exterior Inspections
  • 12 Months Tenant Replacement Guarantee
  • Rented in 30 Days Guarantee
  • 90-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Professional Plan
$ 119.00 Flat Fee

($79.00 multifamily)
$ 119
Per Month (SFR)
  • $599.00 - Flat Leasing Fee
  • $119.00 Rental / Lease Agreement Renewals
  • Bill Pay - Included
  • 1x Annual Interior Safety Inspection
  • Bi-Annual Exterior Inspections
  • 12 Months Tenant Replacement Guarantee
  • Rented in 30 Days Guarantee
  • 90-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Ultimate Plan
$ 149.00 Flat Fee

($99.00 multifamily)
$ 149
Per Month (SFR)
  • $499.00 - Flat Leasing Fee
  • Rental / Lease Agreement Renewals -
    Included at no additional charge
  • Bill Pay - Included
  • 2x Annual Interior Safety Inspections
  • Bi-Annual Exterior Inspections
  • Vacant Home Security Camera -
    (Provest Exclusive!)
  • Eviction Participation
  • Lifetime Tenant Replacement Guarantee
  • Rented in 30 Days Guarantee
  • 90-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Always included with all plans above

  • Professional Marketing & Advertising
  • Pre-Marketing Inspection – w/photos
  • Pre-Move In Inspections – w/photos
  • Lease Preparation
  • Rent Collection
  • Notice Serving
  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Maintenance Oversight
  • Rent Ready Oversight
  • Record Keeping
  • Bi-Monthly Electronic Statements
  • Year – End Tax Statements
  • Accurate Accounting
  • Online Owner’s Portal
  • Online Tenant’s Portal w/phone app
  • Direct Deposit to Owner (ACH)
  • Utility Services
  • Pre-Move Out Inspections
  • Move Out Inspections – w/photos
  • Bi-Monthly Electronic Statements
  • Friendly Professional Service
  • And, much more!

Guarantees & Premium Services

To minimize your risk, and give you peace of mind, we also offer the following Guarantees and Premium Services.
90 Day Risk Free Guarantee!
Give us a try! If you are not completely satisfied for any reason in the first 90 days, you can terminate your agreement with us and we will refund your management fees, no questions asked.
How it works: Simply let us know in writing that you wish to terminate our services and we will send you a check for the management fees you have paid us…no hassle, argument, questions, or hard feelings. You have enough battles to fight. If you are tired of taking calls, doing maintenance, and the headaches of managing your own rental property, or if your current manager is not living up to your expectations, give us a call risk free. We can start today. If after 90 days our service isn’t right for you, you can cancel your agreement and we will refund your management fees.
Rented in 30 Days Guarantee!

We understand how important a quick turnaround time is to rental property owners. We subscribe to the latest technology available to market and show your home, for the express reason of leasing your property quickly and getting the rent coming in.
We are so confident that Provest Realty & Property Management can rent your property fast that we will give you a discount if it takes us more than 30 days to find a tenant.
Standard Management Plan Discount = $ 100.00
Professional Management Plan Discount = $ 150.00
Ultimate Management Plan Discount = $ 200.00

Tenant Replacement Guarantee!

We understand a property owner’s fear of a tenant breaking the lease and walking away leaving you with an empty property. Not only are you left with a vacancy and no rent coming in to pay the mortgage, you now must pay to find a new tenant.

However, if Provest Realty & Property Management places a tenant, and the tenant vacates the property, Provest Realty & Property Management agrees to find, and qualify a replacement tenant, without cost to the Owner, should the tenant placed by Manager fail to fulfill the term of their lease.

Standard Management Plan Guarantee = 12 Months
Professional Service Management Plan Guarantee = 12 Months
Ultimate Service Management Plan Guarantee = As long as Tenant occupies the property!
(Up to $ 1500.00 value)
Eviction Participation
If you have ever had to evict a tenant, you know how stressful it can be. In addition to the stress of going to court, you have the reasons that brought about the eviction in the first place: nonpayment of rent, tenant caused damages, etc. And to add insult to injury, you must pay an attorney and the court costs to remove the offending tenant which caused you all this pain! We want to help. While we can not eliminate the need for the eviction, we can make the recovery much less painful.
How it works: In the unlikely event an eviction is needed for a tenant that was placed in the property by Provest Realty Inc. We will participate in your losses by replacing the evicted tenant at no charge, and by providing 6 months of free property management.
(Included in the Ultimate Management Plan only at no additional charge)
(Up to $ 2500.00 value)
Vacant Home – Cellular Security Camera – Provest Realty & Property Management Exclusive!
Only Provest Realty & Property Management, in the High Desert areas, offers Cellular based audio & video security cameras through Verizon. No internet needed! We will place a camera in a central location in the home, and send you a link to put an  App on your smartphone, so you can monitor the home at your convenience 24 hours a day. All Provest Realty Associates have the app on their phone to assist in watching the property as well. This is self-monitored, and not, a 24 hour, professionally monitored system.
(Included in the Ultimate Management Plan at no additional charge)

(Piece of mind, Priceless!)

Client Testimonials

We are proud to be the overall Top-Rated Property management company in the entire High Desert / Victor Valley Communities!
Jerry Cockerham
Jerry Cockerham
November 4, 2022.
Through all of the different property management companies and people we have encountered through this time applying for a rental, Provest is by far the best! I can not tell you enough what a difference it is to deal with them compared to all the rest! A special thank you to Melanie for her communication, professionalism, honesty, and always being timely in her responses! This has been very stressful, especially with all the uncertainty, but you really make a difference!
Helen Denning
Helen Denning
November 2, 2022.
I found Provest Realty about 5 years ago when I needed help with a difficult tenant. They stepped in to help and has managed my property ever since. They have a system that works perfectly for me since I'm not close to the property. They provide great service and I appreciate all that they do. I would definitely recommend Provest to anyone looking for property management needs.
Anntwanette Houston
Anntwanette Houston
October 3, 2022.
It was a pleasure working with the staff at provest. They were kind, informative and very thorough. All of my questions were answered promptly and accurately. And my family is now enjoying our new home. Thanks again
V Reyes
V Reyes
September 17, 2022.
Melanie from Provest was the best!. She was very helpful, informative, and patient with questions that I had. Definitely made finding a new place using a property management for the first time very easy.
Savannah Potter
Savannah Potter
September 13, 2022.
Melanie was so helpful throughout the rental application process. It is a lot of work, but her kindness, thorough communication, and compassion throughout the process made the situation a lot less stressful.
Teshia White
Teshia White
July 28, 2022.
Rent all my houses from this agent, fair to all, great maintenance services fast response. Thanks Russ

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